Program highlight (MoI13): Intimate partner violence (IPV) in Alaska: a focus on perpetrators of IPV using a culturally-competent response

Amber Christensen Fullmer is an Assistant Professor for the Human Services Department of the University of Alaska, Anchorage (US). At LEPH2019 she will be hosting a roundtable discussion that will focus on identifying causative factors unique to Intimate Partner Violence in indigenous populations. The concentration will be on perpetrator traits, behaviors and causative factors in the context of culturally diverse populations with the emphasis being on indigenous population

The workshop will involve the sharing of experiences, both positive and negative in order to bring a more complex and rich discussion to the table. This workshop is designed to both disseminate and collect information, as well as develop partnerships within the LEPH community.

Marketplace of Ideas (MoI13),  Wednesday Oct 23 at 2pm.

Assistant Professor Amber Christensen Fullmer is also presenting on Day One of the LEPH2019 pre-conference Gender consultation; Gender in public health and safety: addressing the needs of women as employees and clients in criminal justice

Register for the conference before you register for the consultation.  Places are limited, and preference goes to those with full registration! Get in quick!

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