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A conference exploring the complex and diverse intersections of law enforcement and public health

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LEPH2019 is a must attend conference for you. Be part of this biennial conference exploring the complex and diverse intersections of law enforcement and public health, involving practitioners, policy makers and researchers from these and other related sectors.

Understanding this common ground is critically important, with many current social, humanitarian, security and broad public health issues requiring an inter-sectoral approach. In this emerging field it is important to bring together practitioners, policymakers and academics to explore the nature of the myriad interactions between police and public health. Together we can start to dissect the issues and answer questions like:

  • Why is the obvious intersection of law enforcement (especially police) and public health so inadequately recognised and poorly understood?
  • Why is the marginalisation of certain populations the enemy of security and health?
  • Can inclusive policing really work to overcome marginalisation?
  • What actually works ‘on the ground’ and in practice?
  • Can you help build police-public health partnerships that are effective, accountable, sustainable and inclusive?

LEPH2019 is another important step in further understanding the intersection between police and other law enforcement personnel and those individuals and organisations delivering public health programs in the community. A key theme for  LEPH2019 will be ‘Collaborative Leadership’ which builds on previous conferences  that described and analysed the issues, examined a range of actual and possible responses and touched on leadership in policy and practice.

The Conference Program will be heavily weighted towards promoting collaborative action – in practice, research, policy development and in the integration of these three elements.

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