Sex work: harm reduction, health and criminalisation

Don’t miss the special session at the Gender in Public Health & Safety Consultation (18-19 Oct).

This session will explore a range of international legislative approaches to sex work and their implications for women’s health, safety and human rights. Umbrella Lane’s Janine Ewen convened and will chair the session. Dr Anastacia Ryan, founder and lead Director, Umbrella Lane & Co-ordinator, TAMPEP, Scotland will be presenting, along side a global representation of other presenters. This special session is an opportunity to collaborate and future-proof the needs and rights of sex workers globally.

About Umbrella Lane

Umbrella Lane is dedicated to providing a rights-based holistic approach to the needs and rights of sex workers, and we hope to grow and expand the services we can offer as we continue to build our own capacities, and the capacities of other sex workers. 


  • To respect the self-determination of sex workers
  • To respect and promote the human and health rights of sex workers
  • To be inclusive to all sex workers and work from principles of equality, respect and recognition


  • The creation of a welcoming, non-judgemental, confidential space for all people who sell sexual services 
  • Sharing information, resources and activities/workshops that promote the health, safety and well being of sex workers
  • To offer a holistic range of services based on the varied needs and wants of people who sell sexual services
  • To cultivate positive working relationships with related agencies and services 

    Read more and view the agenda for the two day event here

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