(Editorial by Norm Taylor) ‘Edinburgh 2019: Never more timely and never more urgent’ in the current edition of JCSWB

A new issue of the Journal of Community Safety & Well-Being is out now.

Norm Taylor’s Editorial highlights the LEPH Conference this October in Edinburgh. 


With the release of this issue 4(2) of the Journal of Community Safety & Well-Being [CSWB], we begin our lead-up to the 5th International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health [LEPH2019]. This coming October, several hundred multi-disciplinary professionals and academics will gather, some again and many for the first time, with shared hopes of continuing to advance collaborative and innovative solutions to some of global society’s most urgent and pressing problems and opportunities.

We will publish another lead-up issue in advance of the event, and we will dedicate at least one subsequent issue, and likely several more, to featuring the great range of international work showcased, discussed, and refined throughout that week in Scotland. The agenda is shaping up to be epic in its scope, and we consider it fortunate that over 100 of the scheduled presenters and panellists have expressed an interest in publishing their papers with us. Our publishing team has begun an active outreach in hopes of securing many of those papers, and we are encouraging all involved to consider publishing early to be part of the pre-conference buzz.

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Sandra Hodzic, Robert Chrismas

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