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GLEPHA Education Special Interest Group (SIG)

Meeting: 11am-12.30pm Sunday 20th October 2019


Chair: Jamie Clover, Edmonton Police

As discussed at the inaugural Education SIG meeting in Toronto, Canada (2018), the need to pursue collaboration across LEPH practice, policy and research to achieve and enhance law enforcement and public health outcomes is well established. Fusing our public services to meet people’s needs has been identified as a key issue across Health and Justice Services. Despite sharing common ground, there are gaps in our understandings in how we prepare and develop cohorts of professionals willing to embrace, enable and sustain cross-sector partnerships. Traditionally, undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD learning and teaching is designed and taught in either health or police education. Yet, globally, there are many individuals and groups breaking new ground and driving forward collaborative LEPH education and LEPH educational research.

It is therefore imperative to identify the landscape LEPH educational collaborative activities, opportunities and established networks. The concept of a LEPH education special interest group is borne out of many informal discussions, as well as encouragement from the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association. It was identified that there is a great opportunity to develop a network and platform for knowledge and practice exchange.

Governance for the Education SIG was developed in 2018-2019, and moving forward the concepts to be engaged and forwarded by this group include:

  • Facilitate and further LEPH education between educators and practitioners
  • Promote inter-professional education
  • Stimulate state of the art international LEPH education research
  • Improve the collaborative education of law enforcement and health practitioners to enable cross sector partnerships

Read more and see the meeting agenda here

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