Meet the LEPH2019 Organising Committee

Inga Heyman has played a leading role in organising consecutive LEPH conferences. She is a Lecturer in Mental Health and Adult Nursing at the LEPH2019 host institution – Edinburgh Napier University. Inga is Chair of the LEPH2019 Organising Committee.

More about Inga Heyman:

Inga is a Lecturer in Mental Health and Adult Nursing at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, with research, teaching and clinical interest in the interface between health, policing and vulnerable groups.  Prior to joining higher education she worked in health and police services in the UK and Australia for over 30 years with a focus on substance use in pregnancy, the commercial sex industry, suicide, self-harm, custody healthcare and public protection.

She has worked with the Scottish Government and Police Scotland in relation to policing and mental health responses. She is currently completing her doctoral studies focusing on the interface and pathways between police, those in mental health distress and emergency health services. She is a member of the Scottish Institute of Policing Research (SIPR) network with a particular focus on law enforcement and public health. Inga is also on the Board of Directors for the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association.

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