Janine Roderick, Programme Director for Public Health & Policing, Wales, to speak at LEPH2019 on ACE – and trauma-informed policing

Janine Roderick

ACE– and traumainformed policing, early intervention – what does ACE-awareness mean for practice?

Janine completed her general nurse training at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff in 1994. Following this she worked on the trauma wards and in general practice before specialising in women’s health and sexual health. In 2008 Janine set up the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Cardiff and the Vale, developing a multiagency service for children and adults who had experienced sexual violence. In 2012 Janine took up a secondment as the policy lead in Welsh Government for the ‘Ending violence against women and domestic abuse’ (Wales) Bill where she authored the White Paper for this ground breaking legislation before taking up the position as Violent Crime and Health Liaison Manager with South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner.

Janine is now Programme Director for Public Health & Policing in Wales, a national role based in Public Health Wales which is leading the partnership between Public Health, Policing and Criminal Justice in Wales, with responsibility for delivering the Police and Partners ACE programme, Early Action Together. She continues to take an active interest in violence against women issues and remains a registered nurse and an MSP practitioner.

In 2016 Janine was awarded the RCN Wales Nurse of the Year, Improving Individual & Population Health Award. Janine lives on a small holding with her husband and 2 children and a variety of animals.

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