Interested in gender, policing & international development? Meet Jane Townsley, Director of Force International 18-19 October in Edinburgh

Register for the Consultation on Gender in Public Health & Safety (a LEPH2019 satellite meeting) and learn about the Gender Agenda framework.

Read more about the Consultation and register here.

The half day session is co-facilitated by Ellie Lenawarungu, Director, Amuka Ltd, Kenya.

Session outline:

This session will provide an outline of Gender Agenda; maximising the role of women within policing, how it changed attitudes to ensuring a workforce and a service is fit for purpose. The facilitators will share how the framework was developed, and how consultation ensured a clear insight into problems and defining solutions. The facilitators will highlight key lessons and successful outcomes from the framework which defined new ways of working. 

They will focus on critical aspects of service delivery; within law enforcement and public health, and explore the impact of public policy and organisational practice. Using the GAI framework they will demonstrate the need for more effective engagement to ensure better service delivery and protection for women. 

About Force International:

Force International works throughout the world providing highly experienced police and gender advisors to deliver bespoke training packages, project management and consultancy to organisations working in the police and security sectors.

The company was founded by Jane Townsley who has 30 years’ experience in the policing environment and has advised and led various policing projects in the UK and internationally.

What we do

Force International advises on a range of policing and security issues including human rights, security sector reform, gender mainstreaming and the establishment of proactive networks within an international police, law enforcement and security setting.We have access to a wide range of policing and security experts covering all police disciplines. We deliver bespoke training packages across a range of policing and security sector topics, at strategic, tactical and operational levels, our particular specialism being on the role women play within policing and the service the police provide to women and girls within communities.

At Force International we believe that there is a strong relationship between the status of women in policing and the status of women in communities, and by collaborating with Amuka Ltd, drawing on our combined experience, we have developed Gender Agenda International (GAI) We recognise that women in policing have a key role to play in providing both services and access to justice to women and girls in communities, thereby improving trust and confidence of the police within those communities.

Force International was founded by Jane Townsley, a retired UK senior police officer and an experienced gender specialist in the field of policing and security providing both advice and training on gender capacity building and the implementation of gender responsive policing. After a successful career in policing during which she championed change on behalf of women in the service, she moved to work successfully in a variety of global settings delivering training and mentoring and holds an outstanding record of project management having delivered several successful strategic level projects. In August 2015 Jane retired as President of the International Association of Women Police, (IAWP) a title she held since 2009. Through this role Jane led an organisation with members in over 70 countries advising on both women’s and general policing issues, gender responsive policing and networking, she has been a keynote speaker at a range of international law enforcement conferences. Jane is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and has a Master of Science Degree in Security, Conflict and International Development, she believes passionately that female officers professionally trained and equipped can play a vital role in removing the barriers to women’s access to criminal justice.

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