Jane Townsley, Executive Director, International Association of Women Police, to deliver plenary speech at LEPH2019

Jane Townsley

Executive Director, International Association of Women Police

Jane has 30 years’ experience in the policing environment and is highly skilled in a wide spectrum of operational as well as strategic and planning roles. A police officer for 27 years Jane retired at the rank of Chief Inspector and now runs her own company offering advice on human rights, diversity & gender capacity building and mainstreaming, the establishment of proactive networks within an international police and law enforcement setting and writing and delivering bespoke training in a variety of subjects, both aimed specifically at women or regarding gender based crimes.

Jane was the President of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) between 2009 and 2015. Through this role, Jane led an association with members in 70 countries and advised on women’s policing issues, gender responsive policing, gender-based crimes, networking, and, has been a keynote speaker at a range of international law enforcement conferences.

Jane is an experienced gender specialist in the field of policing and security, advising on gender capacity building and the implementation of gender responsive policing.  After a successful career in policing, she established her own company, Force International, and moved to work successfully in a variety of global settings delivering training and mentoring.

Since establishing her own company Jane has delivered advice and training across a range of gender issues to security institutions including leadership training for female police officers and effective responses to gender-based violence to both male and female officers. She is in the early stages of developing a Gender Agenda with the Kosovo Police to ensure they provide a gender responsive service to all members of their communities. Jane has worked with a number of international agencies such as UNWomen, UNODC, UNDP, INL, ICITAP, OSCE, DCAF, and NGOs. in various countries across Europe, The Balkans, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Jane has a Master of Science degree in Security, Conflict & International Development during which she carried out research into the impact of Gender Responsive Policing on women officers, police organisations and local communities.


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